Island Tax Associates | Newport Rhode Island Tax Help
Island Tax Associates are reliable tax accountants who take care of small business and individual's tax needs in Newport County, Rhode Island
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Our firm specializes in personalized and quality care for every person or business that we are privileged to call a client.  Whether you are a small business just getting off the ground or a military professional who wants to keep your accountant no matter where you are stationed, Island Tax Associates can be a steady pillar in your life that will keep you solvent with your finances on track.



Tax Preparation & Filing for Individuals

Island Tax Associates is detail oriented.  We find as many benefits and deductions as possible of which individuals or families can legally take advantage.  Out goal is to limit the amount of money you pay in taxes every year, help you file on time and give you peace of mind knowing that your taxes have been filed according to all aspects of the law.

Tax Planning

Taxes are inevitable. We work with our clients to plan ahead, which in many cases saves money and helps budget tax payments throughout the year.

Tax Audit and liaison to the IRS on your behalf

Businesses and individuals can be hit with an audit at any time.  We will work directly with IRS on your behalf to promote as good an outcome as possible.  At that time, we will also review your taxes to see what red flags, if any, prompted the audit thereby correcting them in your future tax returns.

Tax Preparations & Filing for Businesses on all Levels

Island Tax Associates is very experienced in working with all levels of businesses which include:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnerships
  • C Corps
  • S Corps

As we pride ourselves in being expert at working with small businesses .


Your business is not bookkeeping. Ours is.  We are trained professionals in keeping your books up-to-date an in proper order.  No business is too small or large for us.

Financial Management Planning

We look at the big picture of your business or personal tax life.  Island Tax Associates can work with you on managing all aspects of your finances.  Should you have an Investment Professional, we can work in conjunction with them to insure your finances are covered on all ends.

Advise on in-house accounting methods

The days of manual bookkeeping are over.  Today there are several online bookkeeping systems we advise using. We can help set you up on the simplest or more advanced program depending on your needs.


Setting up budgets are a part of what we do.  By taking your income and balancing it against your expenses, you can see the reality of your finances in one place. We will work closely with you to make insure the budget is realistic and achievable.

Handle payroll and related taxes

If you have employees, you have payroll.  Your employees salary have taxes attached to it before they receive their checks. Disability insurance, FICA and Social Security taxes have to be properly taken out and filed with every payroll.  We can handle this for your company alleviating you of that time consuming task.